i. Students are to be within school campus before 1st bell. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes.

ii. No permission will be granted to any child to leave the school Premises during the school hours

iii. Students should be properly attired in the school uniform,

iv. School uniform should be neat, washed and ironed

v. Student must polish shoes, cut nails regularly.

vi. Girls with long hair should have them braided and apply oil.

vii. Girls must avoid fancy haircuts, make up and growing long nails, applying Mehendi, using nail polish is against the school rules.

viii. Girls can wear simple ear studs & avoid fancy earrings/hangings.

ix. Girls must wear black cycling tights regularly and bring black leggings every day.

x. Children should not wear valuable (silver, gold, platinum, etc,) ornaments to the school.

xi. Students must bring healthy and nutritious food for the lunch and snacks break.

xii. Students must avoid junk food non vegetarian food, aerated drinks, bubble gums and chewing gums.

xiii. Boys must avoid fancy haircuts. They must have short trim hair cut & apply oil regularly.

xiv. No leave will be sanctioned without prior permission. Parents can take permission from class teacher for 2 days leave & must take permission from Principal/vice principal for 3 & more days leave.

xv. Parents can meet principal/vice principal (mon-fri) between 3 & 4 pm with prior appointment